Water is one of the most essential beings to not only our lives as humans but the life of the world. Over half of the surface of the earth is water and almost 70% of the human body is water as well, so without water our lives and the world as we know it would end. This also means that we should be looking to keep our water sources safe so that we can replenish our needs, but this is not being taken serious enough.

Pollution has been a problem in our world for decades on end now as we are dealing with light pollution which makes it hard to see the sky in its natural state and beauty, air pollution which is destroying our atmosphere and making it harder to breathe, and lastly water pollution which has been ruining our oceans, lakes, streams, and rivers for years. Every year, more pollution is dumped into our water sources, but some are getting more waste than others, making them even more unsafe. Every year a list of the most polluted rivers comes out, this year there's a new number 1 and it's in Ohio.

Ecocation put their boots on the ground, doing the research to help us determine which river in the United States is the most polluted. They looked at a number of factors and the different types of pollution that were affected the rivers across the country. Their research discovered that the Ohio River is the most polluted in the country, which also makes it one of the top 25 polluted rivers in the world.

The Ohio River came up as the most polluted river in the United States, citing industrial pollution as the main factor. Now, around this time last year there was a train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, where small amounts of hazardous chemicals spilled into the Ohio River. When you couple this with the likes of industrial companies dumping their waste in the river, causing high levels of mercury and other harmful chemicals to be found in fish and the water itself.

I know that the spring and summer time is coming up and we all like to take a dip into some water to cool down. While there is nothing wrong with this, there may be something wrong with the body of water you choose to dive into. If I were those of you in Ohio or if I find myself in Ohio, I would be thinking twice about diving into any of the rivers or other bodies of water within the state.

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