Yesterday, Blake Corum, star running back for the Wolverines from the University of Michigan took to social media to correct some information about his car which had been stolen. Corum and authorities still know nothing about the whereabouts of the vehicle as it was taken off the University's campus in Ann Arbor Michigan.

Corum who recently announced he would be returning to U Of M to finish his degree and play a fourth season of college football is now searching for his vehicle in Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas. No one has any information on what has occurred, but would it be too far off to suggest that some foul play from their archrival Ohio State?

Blake responded by stating that his NIL deals had nothing to do with his prized Camaro and that instead, the luxury car was a gift from his parents. He also mentioned that the car was still not in his possession, throwing a backhanded comment at whoever the thief may be in the process.

Now, where do the Ohio State Buckeyes come into the equation, well right now, and it's fairly simple, I'm most likely grabbing at the thinnest of air here, but there's a very slight possibility that a few members of the Ohio State football team may have driven up from Columbus to take the vehicle.

The last two years, Corum and the rest of the backfield for the Wolverines has run all over the Buckeyes, crushing their Big Ten Title chances and last year their College Football Playoff chances as well. I don't know about you, but if someone was embarrassing me like that, I'd want to get back at them.

There's no guarantee that the Buckeyes were involved in any way and as of right now there are no leads on the whereabouts of Corum's prized car. Do I think the Buckeyes were even remotely involved? No, of course not, but it's a possibility for anyone to be a suspect.

[Editor's Note: This is clearly satirical and meant as a lighthearted joke in relation to the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry as we relay the viral information of Corum's situation. Townsquare Media Southwest Michigan is in no way actually insinuating, or otherwise accusing, the Ohio State Buckeyes of any involvement in the theft of Blake Corum's car.]


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