Collecting coins may be just a loose change to use when paying in cash for some, a hobby for others, and a chance to strike rich for the rest. We have seen several different coins from pennies, nickels, and dimes that turn out to be a lucrative payday as they were made from a certain material, minted in a certain state or country, or even just the period alone is enough.

Not too long ago, Ohio was told to check their coins for a dime that could be worth up to or more than $2 million. Now, experts are telling Ohio to dip back into the piggy bank, search deep in those couches, and clean out your cars as there is a quarter out there that is worth more than the rest. This time, they are looking for quarters not just any quarters but state quarters. The Ohio state quarters that they are searching for could be worth as much as $15 apiece.

Yes, every quarter in the world is worth at least 25 cents but some quarters are much more sought after than others, they have been created in special circumstances, or some other reason, making them worth much more. The U.S. Mint State Quarters were created from 1999 to 2008, with coins for five states released each year. Those coins have one of three markings — “D,” “P” or “S” — which signifies where they were minted. D stands for Denver Mint, P stands for Philadelphia Mint and an S is for those created at the San Francisco Mint. Coins marked with an S, and coins marked with an S that are silver-proof, are more likely to fetch more than D or P coins.

State quarters in mint condition marked with a D or a P are worth only $1 in 10 states, and are worth an average of $1.71 each, according to Coin Trackers. You’ll get the most, around $3.50, for Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, New Jersey and Pennsylvania state quarters. On average, you’ll receive $7.03 for an S mint quarter. The lowest-value S quarters are worth $4, but you’ll likely get the most for Ohio, at $15.

Now, being able to tell the difference between the coins can be hard but they say these are the most notable factors:

These coins can be differentiated by the silver edge of the coin,

the slightly greater weight of 6.25 grams,

or by the official US Mint packaging,” according to My Coins Guide, noting that the latter may have indicated the quarters’ makeup when shipped as part of a set.

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