Hockey is one of the national sports of Canada but has always had some special ties here in the states. One of the most memorable moments in all of sports in the Miracle on Ice back in the 1980 Olympics where the US defeated the Soviet Union in Lake Placid, New York even though they were hefty underdogs. Also, 4 of the original 6 teams in the NHL are based in America.

Hockey is considered one of the big 4 sports here in America, which means they have millions of fans and make billions of dollars each year. They have millions of viewers all across the world as their players come from all over the globe. This means the NHL is tasked with staying relevant in comparison to the NBA, NFL, and MLB. One of the ways they did that was by starting the stadium series and playing games in open air/outdoor stadiums. The stadium series is finally making it's way to Ohio in 2025 and you'll never guess the opponent.

In 2025, the state of Ohio will host the stadium series game for the NHL. This game will be played in Ohio Stadium, better known as the Horseshow. The stadium where the Ohio State Buckeyes play football will host the visiting Detroit Red Wings and the home team Columbus Blue Jackets on Saturday March 1st 2025. This is the first time they've been in the Midwest since they were in Chicago in 2014, the inaugural year.


What do you think the ice and stadium will look like when the day comes? Do you think the Michigan team goes down there and leaves with a victory or will the Blue Jackets defend their home state of Ohio?

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