We are back at it again with another closure, as that seems to be one of the hottest topics on the block right now. Every time we turn around there is a new restaurant, chain business, or mom-and-pop shop closing their doors. Most of them have been in correlation to the raising costs of goods as inflation continues and the overall effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the American economy. Macy's is once again in the headlines as they are the next big store on the chopping block.

Macy's has closed stores across the country and world over the last couple of years as they try and recover from their losses while also looking to avoid further losses in the future. Just like every other company that has been in this position they begin by closing the under-performing locations first and try to keep as many storefronts as you can. Slowly, Macy's has been adding more and more stores to the closing list which makes you think about how much longer they have left. With all of these Macy's locations closing, stores located in Ohio malls and other standalone Macy's stores in the state could be in trouble.

As of right now, there are 5 more locations that have been added to the closings list for Macy's as they continue doing damage control on their profits. Those 5 locations are spread across Virginia, California, Florida, and Hawaii, but the problem is, these aren't the only states that have seen Macy's stores shutter their doors. With this problem continuing to grow, Ohio could be one of the next states to see a department store leave and close down shop.

As of right now there are upwards of 16 Macy's locations spread across the Buckeye state and they are helping a lot of the malls in Ohio stay alive. As we all know, once the department stores start to go, then you know that you're mall is dying. Many of the malls in not only Ohio but across America have seen their JC Penney's, Burlington Coat Factory, Sears, and other department stores leave because of profits.

For now, Ohio seems to be safe from the closing bug that has gotten a grip on Macy's. They have more than 17 functioning locations but as Macy's continues to evaluate their business, the profits and success of their locations will become a bigger focus, which means Ohio is on the clock. If you would like to see Macy's stay in Ohio, then you have the buying power to ensure that the locations near you are performing well enough to stay open.

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