This week my boss was doing her normal home duties within her family, and she made what should've been a routine and wholesome trip to the grocery store. Well, things weren't as they should've been when her daughter decided to tag along and came across an interesting picture at the grocery store.

Now, Harding's is premier grocery store within the Southwest Michigan area as they have some of the best food in their deli, many name brand options at a convenient price and location and have some of if not the best customer service you can receive at a grocery store north of the equator. With all of that being said, they are not ones to try and get over on, as they notice everything and will make you pay for it. Just ask this
Portage, Michigan man who just got caught.

The world has been tough to live in since the Covid-19 pandemic and many of us still haven't fully recovered from the time off. Many are still readjusting to the social aspect of life while others are trying to restack their pockets and bank accounts after surviving without working a ton. Some people are still trying to make ends meet which means they are turning to illegal means, including stealing.

There's a picture of a man shopping at Harding's. This isn't abnormal until you notice that it is inside of the fruity mentos candy box at the bottom and is a picture of the man successfully paying for an item after he had stuffed some of the fruity mentos in his pocket. Yes, they have footage of him stealing and decided to paste a picture of him stealing in his favorite item.

He has reportedly only been stealing the fruity mentos and that's why they put the picture there. They are hoping that he will see the picture and stop taking the mentos without purchasing them. I'm not sure who this man is, but bro, they got you figured out so either pay the dollar and change for the mentos or just stop taking them before you end up with a case.

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