A pregnant woman on Reddit revealed she is contemplating ending her marriage after her husband demanded a paternity test — although he insisted he doesn't think she cheated on him.

The couple, who met in college, have been together for six years and married for three. Though their relationship has been "pretty smooth sailing so far," she admitted they "were never that compatible in the bedroom department, with me regularly getting the short end of the stick in terms of satisfaction," as her husband is "super vanilla and won't even try to do better for my sake."

"I've pretty much given up trying because he gets touchy and pouts for literally days whenever I try to talk about it, no matter how sensitive I try to be," she wrote in her Reddit post.

However, the woman, who is four months pregnant, was shocked when her husband suddenly asked for a paternity test.

"At first I thought I heard him wrong, and when he doubled down, I laughed, because I thought he was making a bad joke. But no, he was actually dead serious," she explained, adding she "felt sick" to her stomach when she realized he wasn't joking.

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"I asked him why he wanted the test and he says he just wants to make sure the baby is his. I asked him if he's suspecting me of cheating, he said no. I pointed out that I work full time and spend every single free minute I have with him, so when would I even find the time to cheat, even if I wanted to, which I don't?" she continued.

Her husband got "angry" and told her she had "no idea what it's like to be the man and have no control over this whole pregnancy situation and that he doesn't want to be a doormat stuck raising a 'cuckoo's egg.'"

"He claimed he has a right to know for certain. I admittedly snapped at him that he DOES know for certain, because I told him so, and I would know who the father of my child is, right?! He smugly said that's what any cheater would say and that he deserves proof so he can have peace of mind," the woman continued.

She eventually told him that if he wants a paternity test so bad, he "can also file for divorce."

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"He got all huffy and claimed I wouldn't get this upset about the situation unless I had something to hide. At this point I've had it and said: 'Well, if after 6 years of patience and loyalty despite the fact that you suck in bed THIS is the thanks I get then the only thing I have been hiding is my disappointment in you.' He stared blankly at me for a moment and then he started crying. I left him standing, threw a bag of essentials together and left for my parents," she detailed, adding she won't coddle "his insecurities one day longer."

In the comments section, Reddit users tried to comfort the woman, with many suggesting she leave her husband.

"He thinks you should apologize for hurting HIS feelings?? What about yours?! I don't think you should cater to any more of his feelings. It does sound like being a single mom would be less stressful than tiptoeing around his fragile feelings every day," one person commented.

"I was married 18 years to a man like that. He was very very 'vanilla'. Out of the blue he started accusing me of cheating …. Turns out he was cheating. I left and it was the best decision for me. ***Caution pregnancy hormones are wild so take the time you need on making long term decisions," another wrote.

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