For as long as I can remember it's been a family tradition to go down to the Arcadia Creek Festival site in downtown Kalamazoo during the first weekend in August to indulge in some of the best ribs and other BBQ the country has to offer. Of course, there were other shops and live entertainment to enjoy but the food was the real show.

This year, that just might not be the case. As Kalamazoo's Ribfest gains credibility and popularity through the years they have been able to pull in some pretty high-profile artists to perform as live entertainment. Last year, they were able to get the Pop Tour 2000s crew to stop by, and this year gets even better for those who can remember the 90s.

This year, the headliner on Friday, August 4th is going to blow the nonexistent doors off Arcadia Creek. The show on Friday will remind so many of you of the house parties, random BBQs, kickbacks, spin-the-bottle games, and more that you all were consumed with back then. As we will be throwing it back to the last decade of the 20th Century for a 90s Dance Party.

This will include artists or groups who had prominent careers during this time period such as Color Me Badd, Young MC, Tone Loc, and C+C Music Factory. I'm sure hits from other artists or groups from that time period will be played but the vibes will be at an all-time high as these stars share their throwback hits with us for the night.

Don't miss your opportunity to get tickets as Ribfest always sells out fast and once capacity is reached there's not much else that can be done. Also, there are limited VIP tickets available so if that's the deal you're looking for you might want to move quickly. To purchase tickets, look at the lineup, know the BBQ vendors or any other information click here.

Looking Back At Kalamazoo Ribfest 2022

Ribfest 2022 on Saturday, August 6th, was a rather hot and somewhat steamy day, however, the crowds endured and enjoyed the annual fest. Here's a look at some of the goings-on and the people who took part in the fun.