We have seen tons of closings over the last couple of years and it doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon. We have seen restaurants, mom-and-pop shops, and even the biggest of department stores closing their doors because they haven't been able to recover from their losses. The world being shut down during the Covid-19 Pandemic completely changed the lives of all of us around the globe and some are still finding ways to return to normal.

Not too long ago, we have seen stores like Rite Aid and Hobby Lobby close many of their stores around the country. We also remember the fall of Sears as they sold off their company, went bankrupt, and even sold the Sears Tower in Chicago. As online shopping continues to gain popularity and shoppers find it more convenient to be at home and have everything delivered to their door, more traditional stores will be closing. There is another retail store that's beginning to close their doors and Michigan may be next on the list.

It may be time to say goodbye to your local Macy's as the department store chain has announced plans to close approximately 150 stores across the country through 2026, including 50 locations this year alone. Macy's described the stores set to be shuttered as "underproductive locations." While the brand has not yet released a full list of the Macy's stores that are closing.

In a statement released on February 27, Macy's revealed it will be closing the 150 stores and prioritizing investments in the remaining 350 locations. The strategy will also include opening new Bloomingdale's locations and Bluemercury stores, which are Macy's luxury brands. The department store chain has closed roughly 300 stores since 2015, including closing 45 Macy's locations in 2021 and 28 locations in 2020. In January, Macy’s announced it was laying off about 3.5% of its workforce and closing five stores.

They haven't announced which locations they will be closing yet but I'm almost positive that at least one of them, if not multiple, will be located within the state lines of Michigan. There are a handful of locations throughout the state so there is no telling which are safe and which aren't but it's something to keep an eye on over the next year and some change.

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