It was announced around this time last year that Rite Aid would be closing a lot of its stores around the country as they have filed for bankruptcy protection. They have been helping people all over the country gain access to their medications, over the counter resources, and other basic needs for years, but in the recent times they have been struggling due to falling sales and opioid-related lawsuits.

I wasn't aware that Rite Aid was wrapped into some of the opioid-related lawsuits or that they had some of their own lawsuits related to opioid use that were hurting their pockets. When you couple large lawsuit payouts to sale numbers dropping and inflating prices the company is slowly running into the problem of spending more than they are bringing in. This has caused them to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and closing more stores in Ohio as a result.

Back in November they announced that they would be closing another sweep of stores with 7 of them being located in Ohio. Those 7 Ohio stores are at the following locations:

  • 2975 West Market St. in Fairlawn
  • 8085 Broadview Road in Broadview Heights
  • 36212 Euclid Ave. in Willoughby
  • 3010 Whipple Ave. in Canton
  • 614 Bradshaw Ave. in East Liverpool
  • 4332 Cleveland Ave. NW in Canton
  • 501 Water St. in Chardon

Now, earlier this week, Rite Aid announced that they would be closing another 10 stores and two more of them are located in Ohio. This means that they are almost 10 Rite Aid locations in just Ohio that have closed already, and I would expect many more to come all over the country. The next two Rite Aid stores that will be closing are located in Northeast Ohio at the following addresses:

  • 2709 Broadway Ave. in Lorain
  • 15596 West High St. in Middlefield

There has not been a timetable released yet on when exactly these stores will be shuttering their doors, but it will be soon. For now, there will be other Rite Aid locations that customers can find but those may be in jeopardy soon too.

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