Sam's Club and Costco have been around for decades and have slowly changed the shopping world over the years. Both stores are wholesale institutions that provide their customers will large quantities of items for affordable prices. The gag is that you have to purchase a membership that you either pay yearly to monthly to have access to their inventory.

Although they are prestige clubs someone must pay to be a part of, Sam's Club and Costco are similar to every other retailer when it comes to policy. They do still have workers checking membership cards and receipts at the door but they also adjusted to the challenging times of COVID-19 and expanded their online portal. While things were going well over there, nothing is safe from change as a new policy is going into effect for all Michigan Sam's Club members.

Most people have continued to take advantage of the convenience that online shopping has provided, especially when groceries have been added to those services and they can be delivered for free. Not having to pay a delivery or shipping fee makes ordering easier and leaves some extra dollars to leave a tip. Sam's Club was offering online orders but their policy surrounding the matter is about to change.

Starting in August, Sam's Club Plus members will only receive free shipping on Sam's Club online and app orders that exceed $50. If the order is under $50, there will be a flat rate fee of $8 added at checkout, as this policy begins on August 19th. This has left some members with questions or upset, and some have even threatened to take their business to the competition: Costco.

Although that may be enticing for online shoppers that may be the wrong move as Costco's online shipping policy is below:

some items purchased online include shipping and handling. Others are two business day delivery for orders of $75 or more

This is an unfortunate rule change that all Sam's Club members in Michigan will have to adjust to.

These are the Items You Should Be Buying At Sam's Club

There are items that you can buy at a grocery store or items you can buy at a big-box store, however, if you are looking to save money, Sam's Club is the place to shop. Sam's Club allows you to buy the items you use the most in bulk, and that means you are going to be saving money.

Gallery Credit: Lori Crofford