Kalahari is known for being one of Ohio's biggest attractions as it sits in close proximity to Cedar Point, another one of Ohio's top attractions. Between everything that these two have to offer they have put Sandusky on the map and into the top 5 Ohio cities discussion. As Cedar Point continues to add rides and make changes, Kalahari has decided to join in as Sandusky continues to be proven a goldmine spot.

Kalahari is known for having the largest indoor waterpark in the state of Ohio but is stocked with other attractions to keep you occupied the entire time you are there. They have one of the biggest game rooms you've ever seen, a homemade chocolate shop, ice cream, and so much more. Did I mention they have hotel rooms too? Now, after updating the outdoor waterpark they feel like they've created the perfect experience.

Kalahari announced that they would be making major expansions to their outdoor waterpark in 2022. As they watched the rumors and excitement spread, they knew they were making the right decision. They announced in early 2023 that they would be adding a new Zipline experience, a 50-foot free fall tower, and a new 15,000-square-foot pool with poolside lounging. 

Now, if you've been to the Sandusky location then you may have been able to experience or at least have knowledge of the former zipline experience. The new and improved zipline will have 4 towers located at each corner of the water park. The free fall tower will drop participants from 50 feet for 10-15 seconds before a safety jump belt will lower them the rest of the way.

The pool is set to be the largest outdoor pool that Kalahari has ever built as its 15,000 square foot dimensions are set to hold 365,000 gallons of water. When you couple the new outdoor with the amazing slides, whirlpools, swim-up bars, kid zones, basketball hoops, and more that litter the inside it's hard to say this isn't one of the best things Ohio has to offer.

Kalahari Indoor Waterpark

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