I don't know much about Sprice Machines other than what I have seen on social media. Most of what I have seen has been on TikTok, showcasing their domino and chain reaction skills. Their entire profile on TikTok is centered around creating content made entirely of chain reactions and domino effects. Their TikTok doesn't give much information about who is involved, where they receive the products from, or where they are located. Although a recent stunt of theirs took place in Michigan.

The Detroit Pistons have been having a rough go at it this season as they are currently on a 25-game losing streak that may not end soon. As they are looking for ways to win on the court, you would assume they are practicing right? Well, they can't practice all the time, leaving time for their practice facility to be used by others. So far, the Sprice Machines experiment is the most exciting thing and the closest thing to a win that building has seen in a while. So, what exactly did they do? All I can tell you is they used a TON of cereal.

I'm not sure what the previous record was for the longest chain reaction or domino effect stunt was before this one. Although with how far they took this one and the passion that was behind it, tells me that this is serious for them. Sprice Machines is known for this kind of thing, so it doesn't surprise me that they wanted to own this record, but it is surprising that they decided to set the record here in Michigan.

While using the Detroit Pistons Practice Facility they set up over 13,000 cereal boxes to create either the longest domino effect, longest chain reaction, or longest cereal line to be in one of the previous. Either way, what I do know is that they more than doubled the amount that was a part of the previous record. I won't tell you how it turned out, you can just watch the TikTok below.

@spricemachines More than doubled the world record #theyregreat #fyp ♬ Beast Mode - ROKKA

I got enough of my jokes off about the Pistons earlier, so I won't say too much but the fans had a ball in the comments with this one. Below are some of my favorites:

"I mean Pistons not using the practice court anyway so might was well"


"My kids school does a cereal drive and creates one of these all through the halls of the school and then donates them to charity and the kids LOVE it!"


"It’s me trying to guess the brands of cereal based off the colors of the boxes "


"Cereal is like $6 these days so that like $100k+ right there"


"My only question, who's about to clean all of that up "


"I see why the pistons are losing they’re more worried about god damn cereal dominos"


"This is why the pistons have been ass their gym is being used for cereal dominos"

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