It may not be something that catches your eye very often, but for me it's something that I can't seem to get out of my head. There are always a TON of American flags flying all over the country. Which rightfully so, we should have symbols of our country showing but for every business, government building, and school to have one, plus people's personal ones, it's just too much.

Maybe I have a little something against the American flag but there is one flag that I enjoy looking at when I do see it, is the Michigan state flag. Not every business has one but the ones that do have it waving with pride. These flags have their own significance but where they are raised to fly changes on certain days. Most of the time it is in remembrance of US citizens who have died in a tragic way and that is the case every year on December 7th.

Michigan has somewhat of a double whammy with both the American and Michigan State flags flying at half-staff on December 7th. Firstly, the American flag is lowered to half-staff every year on December 7th across the entire country for one reason, Pearl Harbor. 82 years ago, to the day of December 7th, Pearl Harbor was invaded and bombed by the Japanese during World War II. 2,403 Americans lost their lives that day and we keep them in our thoughts each year.

Now, 2 years ago a tragic ordeal went down in Oxford, Michigan when one of the students opened fire from inside of the school, reigning terror on his classmates, taking 4 of their lives and injuring others. He was eventually apprehended and arrested; he is currently awaiting sentencing for the crimes, this took place on December 6th, 2021, giving Michigan another reason to lower their American and State Flags.

This is not a mandatory request, but it is encouraged from not only Governor Whitmer and the Michigan State Government but also the President and the National Government. So, when you see the flags flying at half-staff in December or any other time of the month, it is most likely in remembrance of American lives that were lost in a tragedy.

How to Properly Fly an American Flag

When it comes to flying the American flag and showing proper etiquette and respect, it's best to follow the official U.S. Flag Code. Here are some tips for flying the stars and stripes, courtesy of USAGov.

Gallery Credit: Kari Jakobsen

Replacement Designs For The Michigan State Flag

Below is a small gallery of flag ideas that I had that I personally think would fit the state really well.