The last two weeks have been some of the hottest weeks in recent history as many of those days saw the heat index get over 100 degrees. The heat wave that came through the Mitten state was well-needed after having a cold winter but it was too hot and almost miserable to be outside. The warm weather was nice to have after the storms and tornados we have experienced recently, but now more storms are on the way.

One of the worst feelings is breathing in the humid air after the sun heats all the moisture sitting in the air. The humidity makes it so much harder to breathe, move, and enjoy the warm weather and we may be in for more of those humid conditions over the next week. We are seeing a little more of this heat wave in the early part of this week before the storms return to Michigan, looking to cause more damage.

Last week a storm came through Southwest Michigan wreaking havoc on the residents of Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Portage, and other cities in the area as power lines and trees came down, knocking out power for thousands of Michigan residents. Unfortunately, we may experience that same fate again this week as more storms are supposed to roll through the area after a small heat wave.

 When Should We Expect Severe Weather?

The first window for severe weather is forecast from 2 a.m. to 8 a.m. Tuesday. The NWS says there may be damaging winds and an inch or so of rain during the morning storms. Meanwhile, the second window for severe weather is forecast from 2 p.m. Tuesday to midnight. The NWS says: more severe weather may be possible, including hail. Also, near and South of both I-96 and I-94 are expected to be hit the worst.

If storms are to hit in the morning and then again in the same areas in the afternoon or evening flood threats and warnings may be issued to those areas. Southwest Michigan is almost guaranteed to see storms over the next couple of days, the Southeast portion of the Mitten state may also experience storms as they are expected to see heat but only a 30% chance of storms.

Be ready for the humidity after the storms as we may see more down power lines and trees. Here's a guide from the NWS on how to be prepared for severe weather:

NWS 2024 Severe Weather Preparedness Guide

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