Michigan is seen through so many different tinted glasses depending on who you are, where you grew up, what kind of experiences you had, and so much more. No matter how you want to cut it most people enjoy their cities and states would never admit that they aren't a great place to live. Many people are looking to move out of Michigan for many different reasons but a lot of them find themselves living in the mitten once again.

Although many of us love the cities we come from or live in, some of us are not living in the best cities. Southwest Michigan got done in by Money Inc, who labeled and ranked 6 cities among the worst to live in in the state. That gives our sector of the state just over 25% of the worst cities to live in, but the worst one is nowhere near Southwest Michigan, can you guess what it is?

Kalamazoo, Benton Township, Benton Harbor, Dowagiac, Battle Creek, and Three Rivers were all cited as some of the worst cities in the state of Michigan to live in, most of them due to crime and unemployment rates, yet they were no where near the most dangerous or worst city. The city that sucks the most happens to be in Southeast Michigan (Shocker) and is in the Metro Detroit area.

Highland Park was labeled as the city that sucks the most in Kalamazoo. Money Inc cites that Highland Park would not be adopted by the city of Detroit to be within city limits because of the violent crimes rates which are second in the state and the high unemployment rate, which is the highest in the state. They also have the second-worst median home value.

It's nice to know that Southwest Michigan doesn't have the worst city in the state looming in our area but we didn't fair well in their metrics. I would be concerned no matter where I am in Michigan but Highland Park seems to be the place that we don't want to be.

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