The Mid 1900s looks as if life was just great, well for some people, as everyone was smoking cigarettes, working well-paying jobs, and enjoying preposterous dialogue in their conversation pits. The lifestyle during these times seemed for much more joyful, care-free, and wealthy, meanwhile today's world seems to be full of anxiety, struggle, and despair. Not saying the decor in our homes as anything to do with it but it sure doesn't help.

Some people have been holding on to the glamorous parts of that old lifestyle and I don't blame them because life seemed simpler back then. One of the major differences I noticed in back then to now is the decor that exist inside of homes. There was much more emphasis on having a elegant and welcoming home, whereas today people either don't decorate or decide on the modern look.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the modern look, it works for a lot of people and makes some homes look really nice. I just think it takes out a lot of the creativity that goes into decorating a home and makes things look too sleek. That's why I'm such a fan of this Bloomfield Hills home that takes all the vibes of the 60s and 70s and lets them exist in our current day world.

Look as these two worlds collide as you virtually walk through this amazing Bloomfield Hills Home that could be yours for just $750,000.

Michigan Home Throwing It Back With Conversation Pit

A Bloomfield Hills Home that is keeping the vibes of the mid 1900s alive.

Gallery Credit: Michael Perna EXP Realty LLC, Joseph Chidiac EXP Realty LLC

Pricey Bloomfield Hills Airbnb with Indoor Tropical Oasis & Tennis Courts

This Bloomfield home is more of a country club resort than a traditional home with all of the over-the-top extras. All though unassuming on the outside, the inside kicks it up a few hundred notches for sure. The home has enough room for 16 guests with 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, but nothing compares to the "fun zone" vibe that awaits inside this place. 

The Airbnb offers an indoor pool, but it's by far the first I've seen to offer a full tropical oasis. Complete with rock formations and even palm trees. When you're bored with swimming, you can play a few matches on the indoor full-size tennis court complete with a spectator viewing area.

Gallery Credit: Airbnb

Geoffrey Fieger's Bloomfield Hills Home

Here's an opportunity to see inside this beautiful home belonging to attorney Geoffrey Fieger. The house is located in Bloomfield Hills with pictures courtesy of TSA Custom Homes.

Gallery Credit: George McIntyre