Being a truck driver is one of the most grueling, tiring, and dangerous jobs in the world. They spend hours upon hours on the highways of the country delivering goods so that everyone can have what they need. They often times miss crucial moments in their kids and families' lives, eat fast food, and drive through the roughest road and weather conditions imaginable.

Regardless of how tough of a job it is, someone has to do it, but there is not enough being said about the heroes they are. They are risking their lives every single day to make sure that not only their family is taken care of but everyone else's families as well. With that being said there are tons of safety instructions and lessons taught during their training, which this driver used to save his life while driving in Ohio.

There is not a lot of information out about the driver, where he was from, or who he was driving for, but we do know that he is alive by the skin of his teeth. We have no clue what we were carrying or where he was going, but we do know that he is holding on to his life by mere inches. The Facebook reel below shows the driver narrowly jump out of the door of his rig and jump out of the way before it was plowed to pieces by a train.

For some reason the driver needed to stop as he was crossing the tracks, or he got stuck on the tracks because the barriers came down while he was crossing. I'm not sure the reason that the driver was in this position but nonetheless, he was stuck on the rails and had to figure out how to get out of harm's way as he was staring death in the eyes. You can see him hop out and check for the train before running away and watching the train come plowing through. Thankfully by the grace of God there were no injuries reported from this crazy incident.

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The 'World's Largest Truck Stop'

Recently, my wife and I took a road trip from Sioux Falls to Saginaw, Michigan.

Why would we drive 15 hours to Saginaw? My wife has family there, plus we were going to see a concert in Detroit, but the show was canceled.

Since we already had the time off from work so we decided to spend a few days in that 'tourist destination' known as Saginaw. Sure, it's not Vegas or Florida, but it was nice to get out of town for a few days.

We drove down Interstate 29 to the Omaha area and picked up Interstate 80 then headed east across Iowa. Just to the west of the Quad Cities sits Iowa 80, the self-proclaimed 'World's Largest Truck Stop'.

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