With the football season coming to a close, well kind of, everyone is looking back and reminiscing on the season that we just saw. Fans in the Midwest have been enjoying the gridiron sport like never before. This year, fans in the Midwest states saw many of their teams, including the Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns make it to the playoffs while the Michigan Wolverines were crowned College Football National Champions. With all this success going on, there was one state that couldn't wait for this to all be over.

That state is Indiana, the Hoosier state, which is known for not only its love but also the talent they produce for the game of basketball. The basketball state is smothered between these states that are dominate in football, wrestling, and hockey except for Illinois who is also known for their basketball talent. Even with that being the case, the Chicago Bears gave their fans some exciting games this year, so how miserable were football fans in Indiana this year, here I'll show you!

WalletHub is back at it again, helping people realize some of the most bizarre things, this time they are telling us which states are the best and worst for football fans across the country. Two cities in Indiana made the list which was based upon 21 metrics centered around NFL and College teams, their success, stadium, and fan engagement. Although there are tons of colleges and the Indianapolis Colts, Indiana did not do well in this study.

In particular, both Bloomington and Valparaiso Indiana were two of the bottom three cities in the entire United States for football fans to live. Now, this one if pretty simple if you ask me, Indiana University in Bloomington Indiana is not good in the college football realm, and they are sitting at least 2 and 1/2 hours from Indianapolis before traffic. Their stadium isn't the best and most people choose to forego the football games.

Valparaiso on the other hand isn't quite in the same position, their football team has had some years where they were pretty solid and has been able to compete for Pioneer Football League championships and FCS National Championships, meaning that some people enjoying watching their team play. Although it has been a while so that may explain some of this, along with them also being 2 and 1/2 hours away from Indy before traffic, it's not looking good for them.

Now, there were tons of other factors used to decide how good or bad a city was for football fans and a lot of cities in Indiana were near the bottom of the list. This was expected as they are huge basketball fans in the Hoosier state, but I didn't expect results like this, but football is just not their sport. Football may not be their sport, but others are, below are the best Indiana High Schools for sports.

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