The Olympics is one of the biggest athletic events in the entire world, I would argue that it is the biggest and the only thing that comes close is the World Cup. Almost every country is glued to their TV screens and watching their sports apps for updates on the games and who has the most medals. The Olympics is meant to find out which country is athletically better than the others. In recent years, the United States has dominated the Olympics and will look to continue that trend at the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

When people think of the Olympics they always think of swimming, track and field, basketball, soccer, and a few other "main" sports. Yes, we all enjoy watching these sports but some of the most exciting and hyped sports during the Olympics are the ones that are a little more niche. One of those niche sports is Greco-Roman wrestling, which is the traditional form of wrestling we see here in America. Michigan is one of the better states for Greco-Roman wrestling and these two Michigan natives will look to win gold.

It's one thing to support your state while you're off in college or during a national competition, but nothing compares to the feeling one gets when they are representing their entire country on a global scale. The Olympics are one of the most sacred events on the planet and only happen every 4 years, this year, two Michigan natives have a chance to make history for themselves and others.

Fowlerville is a small town that is located in Central Michigan but it will be one of the biggest cities in Michigan come summer. All eyes will be on Paris during the summer months as the Olympic games will be in session. Two former high school wrestlers of Fowlerville High School will be on the sport's biggest stage.

Adam Coon won the 130-kilogram Greco-Roman championship and Dalton Roberts won the 60-kilogram Greco-Roman title in State College, PA. Coon qualified for the Summer Olympics July 26-Aug. 11 in Paris, while Roberts will have to qualify his weight class for the Olympics by reaching the championship round in the World Olympic Qualifier May 9-12 in Istanbul, Turkey.

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