Michigan has been one of the leading states in automotive production since the early 1900s with the Model T and everything else Henry Ford built. Since then, the automotive industry has grown, becoming one of the largest in America. Obviously, just like in any other industry, workers feel mistreated and unions are formed.

Now, the automotive industry has fought with the Union of Automotive Workers(UAW) multiple times and are able to settle but this year, Union President Shawn Fain has told union members that they should be prepared to strike if a deal is not made soon. The UAW has a deal with Stellantis, General Motors, and Ford that expires on September 14th and may not restart if a conclusion is not found.

Upon the expiration of the current deal, the UAW members are seeking major changes to the contract if they are to re-sign. Union President Fain states that they are looking to have wages increased by at least 20% right away and smaller raises over the next few years to restore the cost of living. Union workers would also like to have the work week reduced to 32 hours and a new pension plan that is for new hires as well.

@gandernewsroom Tensions are running high after contract discussions between auto workers and the nation’s largest automakers got off to a rocky start. It could all end with higher wages for workers—or a huge strike that upends the nation’s automotive supply chain. #UAW #UnionStrong #Michigan #Michigander #Strike #Unions #News #NewsUpdate ♬ original sound - The Gander

If the UAW doesn't like what they are offered they are prepared to take a strike that would have devastating impacts on not just these companies but on the state and country as well. As the automotive industry is preparing to make a change to fully support the EV, a strike could make that very difficult. A loss of workers and slow production could cost these businesses millions.

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