Most of us have immense pride in where we come from and that's not just us here in Michigan, this spreads across the country and the world as a whole. The Olympics and World Games are among the highest stages to prove one's allegiance besides being at war. Either way, many proudly wear the colors and represent their country.

On a smaller scale in America, there is a lot of discourse surrounding regions, states, and cities, to even different sides of town. Americans love to acknowledge where everything began and how it made them who they are today. When looking at Michigan, where you grow up inside of the mitten plays a huge factor in the kind of person most people in that area are.

The different cities in Michigan are all known for different things and this map that I stumbled across while scrolling on Facebook claims to be the brutal truth about the people from that area of the state. Some of these are spot on while I think some people will take offense to some of the descriptions used.

Southwest Style

First up is Southwest Michigan, which only has a couple of descriptors labeled but I can't say that either of them is wrong. Starting with most south and west it can get there are nothing but rich vacationing Chicagoians over in the New Buffalo area. Following behind them is good ole Kalamazoo, where there is nothing but beer and Bibles.

Central Michigan

Right before you get to I-75 you run into the pride of Michigan, but showcased differently by two generations. First, we'll start with the old-school Michiganders who are just here to say "Pure Michigan", chew tobacco, and hunt. The second group is terrorizing the streets of East Lansing as they burn couches after big-time sports wins. I think we know who's at fault here(cough Michigan State cough).

Upper Lower Peninsula

The last little stretch before you head up to the tip of the berg has plenty to offer but that's if your pockets can survive the first stop. You'll run through tons of casinos, especially in Mt Plesant and a few other cities. With all the open land and beach fronts you can't forget the hunters and vacationing Detroiters in this area.

Southeast Swag

You should've known that the Southeastern part of the state was going to have a lot to say. Let's start at the bottom and work our way up, those people down by Ohio are too close, which I know from attending Adrian Collge, it's like that state down south over there. The Nascar part is just because of the International Speedway which also hosts Faster Horses.

Also in the Southeast is the city of Detroit which is described as a mix of 8-mile, insufferable elitists, and then the best malls in the state. Oh and of course I can't forget the insane amount of traffic that exists because of the amount of people in Metro Detroit. Lastly, those who live in the thumb are told that's their only descriptor.

Tippity Top

Last but certainly not least, those living way up in the Upper Peninsula are a special kind of people. Now, those they're putting on the left side by Wisconsin are my kind of people because we are Packers fans, baby! There's a piece of land right outside and they ask if this is still Michigan and that's a great question. On the other side of the U.P. are all the crazed hunters and of course, those who have traveled all that way to just be a fudge-driven tourist.

That's how they describe who the people of Michigan are by the region they are from/living in. Do you agree with the things said about your region? Do you hold some of these judgments about other parts of the state?

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