Over the last couple of years, we have seen many companies file for bankruptcy, close down locations, raise prices, and more as they have tried to compensate for their recent losses. Some companies have done better, but nobody has been safe from the financial problems that COVID-19 has placed on our world. Whether it be a mom-and-pop shop or a large box store, everybody has taken some kind of loss since the pandemic.

Walmart is one of those large box stores that has seen some losses and for the first time since they became a superstore, they are in danger of losing out on profits. Walmart has always talked about having low prices, price drops, and being a one-stop shop for all, that had locations all over the place and sometimes more than one location in a city. Now, Walmart has been closing some of those locations across the country and Ohio may be next on the list.

Just last year, Walmart was in a position where they needed to cut back on their expenses and decided to close some of their stores that were performing in the bottom percentile for sales. This would affect 14 states across America and some of them were close to home as Midwest states like Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, and Indiana all saw stores close within 2023, which makes you think could Ohio be next?

As of right now, Ohio is safe for 2024 as they have only announced that 2 stores would be closing in 2024 and they are both in California. Now, this doesn't mean that can't change, if profits continue to go down, more stores may be on the chopping block. Ohio just barely made the cut last year, so it may still be at risk of being the next state to see closures. The only thing you can do to keep Walmart in Ohio is to continue shopping there to make sure that the stores are performing well enough in the sales metrics. Good Luck!

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