After the Superintendent resigned in a mutual agreement with the school board, the Kalamazoo Public Schools assistant superintendent has been terminated and the president of the school board resigned. All of this has happened in just under a month and has left many parents of Kalamazoo unsatisfied and confused.

In a statement made by interim superintendent Cindy Green all of the resignation and termination moves are explained to the best of the KPS school board's ability per their legal counsel. Although, they couldn't give full details on all the moves that were made by the board and the interim superintendent.

Starting with the easiest of the moves to decipher and the one we have the most information about at the current moment, the resignation of the school board president and who the replacement is. Long-time school board president Patti Sholler-Barber chose to remain on the board as a trustee after her resignation.

Voted in to replace her is former board trustee Tianna Harrison and she jumped quickly into action. Working to rebuild the relationship between the school board and the KPS community. She hopes to restore the confidence in the school board and district from the parents as her current term will last until December 31, 2026.

Next, there isn't much to say about the former superintendent resigning and receiving a large bonus. Many parents are still seeking clarity and transparency about the details of her resignation, but legal reasons are stalling this process. Until the school board finds a qualified candidate Cindy Green will continue serving as the interim superintendent.

Lastly, the big fish in the pond, the assistant superintendent. The former assistant superintendent, Jim English, was terminated due to a request from the interim superintendent after she conducted an internal investigation and found foul play. As of now, the position remains vacant as the school board looks for new leadership.

English was let go due to his actions that were clear violations of the school board policy. He was cited for paying over $91,000 to an outside organization and for outsourcing an administrative position without Board authorization or knowledge.

He also was noted for entering into a contract for services without a written agreement and without a written agreement as to the compensation to be paid for such services on behalf of KPS. Finally, for engaging in a pattern of behavior that was inconsistent with good and established business practices.

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