CJ Barrymore's is one of the many attractions that has many people wanting to visit the Southeast region of Michigan. The city of Detroit and the surrounding area has everything from amazing food, sports teams, a beautiful downtown, and fun attractions for everyone to enjoy. Then there are places like CJ Barrymore's which manages to capture all of those great things in one convenient location.

CJ Barrymore's has everything you need for a fun night out with your spouse, a place to celebrate a birthday or have a get-together, go out with friends for a good time, or even a family fun outing. CJ Barrymore's is loaded with indoor and outdoor attractions such as an arcade, go-karts, bowling, laser tag, coasters, golf, and more. Yes, they also have alcoholic beverages, food, and other treats to fuel the fire while you're there. CJ Barrymore's has announced that a new attraction is coming in the spring of 2024.

We are merely just weeks away from the unveiling and opening of the newest attraction at CJ Barrymore's in Michigan, They can draw in large crowds with the current attractions such as mini golf, driving range, euro bungy, zipline, bumper cars, and more. The indoor and outdoor facility has been providing fun for residents and visitors of Michigan for years and is planning another expansion.

CJ Barrymore's is located in Clinton Township Michigan and is building the first multi-level go-kart track in Michigan. They are adding this to their current grand prix track so they will have two outdoor go-kart tracks alongside all of their other attractions. The multi-story go-kart track is said to resemble something similar to Mario Kart, here is a video explaining the new track.

You can choose to purchase individual attractions or purchase either a wristband and/or a fun card. A wristband purchase gets you unlimited rides all day while the fun card will be loaded with funds to pay for attractions, arcade games, or both. Food and drinks must be paid for separately as the fun cards and wristbands do not cover these fees. They are open on the weekends, 4 pm-11 pm on Fridays, 12 pm to 11 pm on Saturdays, and 12 pm and 8 pm on Sundays.

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