Whether you are a new or an old driver, the wintertime can be a scary thing to drive in. The roads are covered in white snow, brown slush, ice, black ice, and potholes which create their own problems. Then the other issue is the varying levels of experience and anxiety that drivers have during the winter months. Some feel like they are masters with great tires while others are terrified of the winter no matter what vehicle they are driving.

New drivers are normally doing okay until they slide for the first time, or they do get into an accident. This completely changes how they feel about driving in wintery weather as they develop some anxiety about what could happen while handling a vehicle in the winter. Others get frustrated with those who drive slower in the winter, speeding around them or tailgating them doesn't help. I have found 7 things that are important for Michigan drivers to remember during the winter, that will keep us all safe.

The wintertime can be tricky to navigate when you're driving as you have to think about so many factors when you're preparing to leave somewhere. You have to think about the road conditions, the way other drivers will respond, where you're going and so much more. Luckily, I've found a couple of things that will reduce some of the stress and make driving in the winter easier for you and everyone else.

Leaving a little earlier than normal, pumping the brakes earlier than usual, and knocking the snow off our mudflaps are just a few of the things needed to be done in the winter to stay safe. Those and the rest of the list are below, remember to stay safe while driving.

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