With the weather getting warmer, Spring is right around the corner which means we can almost smell summer. With the sun coming out and the weather being warmer, everyone begins to do their spring cleaning. Those first few cleans of your home, car, workspace, and other storage places in the spring bring about all the things that found a home during the winter. The only thing is, there isn't enough space for everything.

This is where garage sales find their glory and it's where some people find their hidden gems. Every year, some people can't wait for what they call the garage sale season, where everyone is selling items that they do not want or have space for but are still in great condition. You can find things like collectibles, sports equipment, clothes, and other valuable items for a bargaining price at several garage sales. There may be gold at every garage sale but there are some things you should stay away from, especially here in Michigan.

The garage sale season in Michigan is short-lived as we don't receive a ton of great weather here during the year. Most of the year we are either dealing with cold temperatures or wet conditions so the garage sale season is jam-packed. The end of spring brings about the open garages and the deals but they also bring some things you should stay away from.

I don't think that some of them have to be explained but others feel like something that could come back to haunt you as a bad decision that was completely thought through. Below is a list of items you should never buy from a Michigan garage sale.

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