It's no surprise that something special is happening inside of the state of Michigan when it comes to football this year. The University of Michigan Wolverines football team was able to complete one of the greatest college football seasons we've ever seen with a dominating victory to be 15-0 and undefeated National Champions. Now, the Detroit Lions are trying to ride that same wave of good energy and bring another championship to Michigan.

So far, there are 3 championships between the two teams as they both won their conferences/divisions and the national championship. The Detroit Lions could make that number become 4 this weekend and possibly 5 in February as they are going for the NFC championship and the Super Bowl. Both of these games would be an uphill battle but nothing the Lions haven't faced before. As they prepare to take on the San Francisco 49ers, most of the country is rooting for them to come out on top.

During the playoffs all football fans are stuck watching 14 teams battle it out for the big crown, the Lombardi Trophy. If you're team gets in your screaming and praying with all your mite that they can make it to the ultimate game, but if you get kicked out, you're stuck watching everyone else and cheering most likely against the team that beat yours. So, what happens when a Cinderella story like the Detroit Lions comes along, who haven't won their division, hosted a playoff game, or won one for over 30 years before this season?

Well, the answer is in the Facebook post above, which shows you who football fans around the country are cheering for to win during the Conference Championship Games this upcoming weekend. As you can see, there is one dominating color over the rest, it's Honolulu Blue, the official color of the Detroit Lions. Now almost every state in the country is abroad the #OnePride train.

Outside of pockets on the west coast which will be supporting the San Francisco 49ers, The Great Plains who will be supporting the Kansas City Chiefs, and parts of the East Coast who will be supporting the Baltimore Ravens, everyone else in the country, including Ohio will be cheering for the Detroit Lions to play in the Super Bowl.

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