Detroit is no stranger to great musical talent as many of the music industry's best have come from Motown Records or just the city of Detroit in general. Famous American singer Aretha Franklin is a Detroit, Michigan native, and her childhood home is up for sale.

It's not uncommon for the childhood homes of celebrities and specifically those in the music industry to be sought after years in the future. In Detroit, these homes normally sell well above market value as so many are interested in purchasing the home. The next celebrity home up for grabs is Aretha Franklin's, and the listing is different, to say the least.

Don't get me wrong, this is a beautiful home that has plenty of features to make any family happy, but there are some skeptical things that arise from this listing. Mainly, the fact that the only views of the home you can see are from the outside.

Now, that's very unclear, but to simplify the issue, the Zillow listing below only shows exterior photos of the home and absolutely NO photos of the inside of the home. No pictures showing the bathroom, bedrooms, kitchen, basement, or even the living room. Just many different pictures of the yard, porch, and home.

I'm sorry, but there's no way I'm buying a home that I can't see pictures of the inside before I get a chance to tour the home. This genuinely scares me, like, what could they possibly be hiding because it's got to be big to hide the entire interior of the home. My only guess is the interior is decaying and is unlivable at the moment, so they posted the outside hoping to find a buyer that wants to finance the facelift.

Detroit Speaks Up

Many individuals in Detroit that have some knowledge about the neighborhood suggest the home and the history may be the reason that the interior isn't being shown. From bizarre crimes to simple ignorance have been cited as reasons, but here's what they had to say on a Facebook post from CrimeInTheD.

Comments like these were made to describe the current state of the home:

  • "Is that also where he was robbed & sh0t? Or had he moved into a different home by then?"
  • "That house raggedy af need so many updates it’s crazy"
  • "Lol...CrimeInTheD? I guess it is a crime the way it's looking. I hope someone is  able to bring it back to its former state."

Aretha Franklin's Detroit Childhood Home

Exterior photos of the home that Aretha Franklin grew up in while her family lived in Detroit, Michigan.

Check Out Aretha Franklin's Former Bloomfield Hills Home

After a few years on the market, the Queen of Soul's Bloomfield Hills home has been sold for $1.3 million.

The home, located at 4585 Kiftsgate Bend, was owned by Aretha Franklin up until her death in 2018. It features a pool, tennis court, sauna, finished basement and original appliances used by Aretha herself.  

Aretha Franklin's Detroit Golf Club Home

Another home belonging to the Queen of Soul has hit the market. This one, a 7,000-square-foot home on the Detroit Golf Club is listed for $975,000.