Americans spend tons of time on their bikes, in their cars, on public transportation of some sort, or walking to and from work/school every day. Some of us are more conscious of how much time we spend traveling per day, to the point that commute time has become a serious discussion in the workplace. So much so that some have asked for commute time to be factored into their pay.

Kalamazoo is a fairly big city but not anything outrageous, so we fall somewhere along the average commute time as a whole across the country. Although, with that being said some of us have much shorter commutes than others. The data is based on many different travel types and distances to find the average. Do you think you're above or below the Kalamazoo average?

The average commute time for workers in the Kalamazoo Area is 20.2 minutes according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau. I am a decent amount below the average as my daily commute takes about 12-15 minutes depending on traffic. Only 3.7% of workers in the area travel an hour or more to work each way and 38.47% of all workers work outside of the county of residence.

88.4% of all workers in the area drive to work while only 7% save gas and give the planet a few more years to live as carpoolers. 1.7% of workers take public transportation and 6% are killing the game as they make their way to a couch or desk in their house and work from home.

The other piece of this equation is the time of day that workers are leaving their homes to make it to work on time. 10.4% of the workers in the Kalamazoo Area leave home between the hours of Midnight and 6 a.m. to head to work. With these statistics now out and readily available is your commute longer or shorter than the average? Do you think commute time should be factored into pay?

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