The gym has become one of the most controversial places in the world. I know you have seen the videos of people filming themselves working out, taking videos of their bodies, or flexing their muscles while other people are just trying to work out. Then there are the people who accuse people of looking at them while they work out and the actual creeps who do just stare at people, either way it can be uncomfortable to work out in a public gym sometimes.

Some people are so uncomfortable that they choose to either work out at home and hire an in-home personal trainer or they just don't work out at all. The other side of that is some people work out and deal with the uncomfortable feeling the entire time, essentially wasting money because they can't get an unbothered work out in. These problems most apply to women, which is why we have seen more women only gyms surfacing. Portage is just the latest to join the trend as they will be having their very own women's only gym opening for business soon.

Cassidi Wenke is a Southwest Michigan Native from Kalamazoo who went on to obtain her Exercise Science degree from Western Michigan University. Now, she is turning her focus onto another goal of hers, opening up a gym for the girlies. The whole idea of the women's only gym for her is to provide a judgement free zone that helps women be and become confident.

Starting on January 20th, women in the Kalamazoo, Portage, and surrounding areas will have their own gym. Something that is talked about on social media and in the real world often is the need for women to have their own space to work out and be comfortable. This has become a trend and Portage just wants to fit in, so on January 20th the doors to Babe Cave will be opening.

Babe Cave Boutique Finess Studio also known as Babe Cave will be a women's only gym that will provide a welcoming environment for all women to work out. In addition to the vibes, they will also provide the following services:

  • Personal Training
  • Group Fitness
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Infared Sauna
  • The Plunge

Babe Cave is located on Westnedge in the Plaza with Jac Cekola's Pizza.  They have not quite announced what days of the week or times that they will be open. I would assume that all of the relevant information you need will be given prior to on the day of the opening. A women's only gym is not only a place of confidence and strength but also a place that reminds us that we are all different but still human.

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