Although Michigan only has one large city that is on the radar of other states and countries doesn't mean there aren't more valuable things within the state's lines. One of the major things that draws attention to the Mitten State is the surrounding bodies of water, having the great lakes and all of the in-land lakes makes us a prime target due to the number of resources available to this area of the country.

Outside of that, the state has many other things nestled away that could draw unwanted attention to Michigan. The first being that there are multiple nuclear plants here in the state that handle chemicals and make nuclear weaponry. Alongside the nuclear plants there are multiple military forts and other government agencies located across the state, these will always be targets as they limit supply and manpower, but how does any of this bring Battle Creek into the mix?

Firstly, there was a list of the most at-risk cities in the United States of facing a nuclear war if we were to end up in that situation. Granted, no Michigan cities were on that list but the closest one is Chicago, which is even closer to us in Southwest Michigan. Although we didn't have any cities named to the actual list, Battle Creek is a city that should keep their eyes and ears peeled in the case of war.

There are multiple places within Battle Creek or the surrounding areas that could draw attention during the war. The first is Fort Custer, Fort Custer is used to help train military personnel for combat and other skills they will need. Also, the area has an Armory and a Michigan Air National Guard Base in close proximity to Fort Custer.

When you pair these locations with the nuclear plants, the fresh water, resources, and government agencies and officials scattered across the state, it's hard to believe that Michigan and more importantly Battle Creek isn't a nuclear bomb target. Don't forget that the radiation spreads miles so all of Southwest Michigan and other parts of the Mitten State would be destroyed and contaminated.

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