Black + Decker is one of the many household and yard appliance manufacturers in America, what many would call a Power Tools Company. They make products such as charcoal and propane grills, cocktail makers, power drills, leaf blowers, and many other items that are helpful inside and outside of the home. Some say that Black + Decker is an easy steer clear name brand while others will swear by it.

Customers started to become weary of Black + Decker when they expanded on their focal products like power tools, lawnmowers, and leaf blowers and started to produce vacuums and other household items. They have built an extensive list of household appliances and products that have seemingly done well within the market, but one of those household products is being recalled due to injury.

The Black + Decker steamer has been recalled after more than 80 reports of burn injuries. There have been reports of the Black + Decker steamer having the capability to expel, spray, or leak hot water during use. This isn't the first time that this specific steamer has been in the recall news as 600,000 of them were recalled in November of 2022. Since the first recall in 2022, there have been 317 reports of hot water expelling from the steamer, 82 burn injuries, and 7 of them were second-degree burns.

The recall noted that 94 of the 317 reports happened with repaired steamers from the 2022 recall or from models with an updated design. The following model numbers are included in the recall and are printed at the bottom of the steamer or on the sides of the package:

• HGS011F
• HGS011S
• HGS011
• HGS011T

Customers can also check the UPC codes on the steamers, which are printed on the sides, back, and bottom of the color package:

• 0 50875 82840 7
• 0 50875 82839 1
• 0 50875 82838 4
• 0 50875 00272 2

The steamer was sold online and in-store at Walmart, Target, Amazon, and many other retailers as they are recommending that you stop using the steamer immediately and reach out to Empower Brands for a full refund of somewhere between $14-$23 depending on when your time of purchase.

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