Something that many of us have thought about but never really had the balls to follow through on is a bank heist. There are countless human beings, especially in America, that have thought about the luxury of having much more money than they currently have and the best ways to come about that kind of cash. Obviously, robbing the bank is really the only way you can have that much money in a short amount of time.

Although its a popular thought to rob a bank, most of us know that we either don't have the skills, the bodies, or the guts to make it happen. The rest of us just know it's not a smart idea and even the ones with the smartest ideas, bodies, and skills run into trouble too. The chances of successfully robbing a bank are low, but one man managed to rob this Ohio bank and live his whole life in secret afterwards, only telling the truth on his deathbed.

While living in Cleveland, Ohio this man was able to pull off one of the most successful bank heists in world history. Still going by the name Ted Conrad, this man walked into work one day at the Society National Bank Headquarters and stuffed $215,000 dollars into a sack and quietly left the building. This amount of money would be worth 1.2 million dollars in today's economy, he took off with the money and made it all the way to Massachusetts before anyone noticed the money was missing.

Upon arriving in the Boston area, Conrad ditched everything about his old life from his identification and assets to memories, families, and friends. He made an entirely new life for himself, found a wife, had kids, and lived happily ever after. He let his family know while watching NCIS and nearing the end of his life so that they wouldn't be blindsided.

He may be one of the reasons that getting money in and out of bank accounts, having limits on the amount of money you can take, and the heightened security around some banks but do you blame him? He was able to make something happen out of nothing and didn't get caught doing so. Do you think you could get away with a bank robbery?

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Gallery Credit: Lou Milano