A lot of us have simply removed the period during the Covid-19 pandemic from our minds. Many of us don't have recollection of that period and often skip over this when thinking about how far back something was. It's only when you realize that you're talking about something that happened in 2018 or earlier that you realize we're almost 5 years into this.

We all have vivid memories of being locked away in our homes and separated from many of the people we love. As the deadly virus had a full death grip on the entire world, we slowly began to realize the world would be changing. We have slowly started to adapt to the new way of living but will constant halts in life due to Covid-19 become common?

After some news that came from the East side of Michigan earlier this week, we are not completely done with this Covid situation and it's coming back to disrupt some lives as we speak. The Pontiac High School Football team, who was off to a historic start has to forfeit their week 3 game due to Covid-19 as they now don't have enough players to compete. 

Granted this isn't as big of an issue now as vaccines have come out and there is more research about the virus available, but realistically until this is at a level where it doesn't take an entire team or office out, then we're in trouble. The other scary part is that the Covid-19 virus can continue to mutate which would make current vaccines ineffective.

Also, I don't want to be shut down again at any cost because I don't know about you but inflation is real, prices of things have shot up but our paychecks aren't changing. So another shutdown of our economy for that long could make things even worse. Do your best to stay safe, take your necessary precautions, and stay educated.

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