One of America's most iconic landmarks is the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles California. The sign overlooks the city from up on a mountain that is accessible by the public, but the cool thing is the sign lights up at night, casting it's beauty on all those below while the moon shines above. Most people in America, and even the world, have seen the Hollywood sign either in person, in pictures, or on screen during tv or movies. Now, Michigan wants to get in on this style, looking to bring a sign similar to this to the Midwest.

Detroit is one of the most prominent cities in the Midwest as almost everyone in the country has heard of Detroit in one way or another. I think Chicago is the only city in the region that can truly rival or even surpass Detroit when it comes to being known across the country. Nonetheless, Detroit has a handful of amazing landmarks already when you think about the renaissance center, the Ambassador Bridge, the Uniroyal Tire, and more. They obviously aren't satisfied with that as they are looking to build another landmark, except this one should by far top the others.

The proposed landmark is set to be built alongside the I-94 interstate highway as you're approaching the city. A 10-foot-tall "DETROIT" sign will be erected between Wyoming and Central avenues along eastbound Interstate 94 as part of the city’s 2024 NFL draft improvement plans. Jessica Parker, Detroit's deputy chief operations officer said the project is one of many exciting improvements planned for the city ahead of the draft, which takes place April 25-27 in downtown Detroit.

“It’s going to be like the Hollywood sign, but smaller,” she said. “The letters will look like they are floating on beautiful greenery, and they will light up in Detroit’s colors, green and white. After a bidding process last October, Parker said the city accepted a contract from Detroit-based Fairmount Sign Company, dedicating $400,000 in city funding to the project.

It's been announced that Detroit will be building a new monument that will serve as a landmark for the city within the coming years. This landmark is expected to be similar to a well-known landmark from the west coast of the nation, the Hollywood sign. There have been post swirling around social media and creators on TikTok have gotten a hold of it as well.

@therealizzydre #detroit vs everybody #izzydre ♬ original sound - Izzydre

Above you can see one TikTok creator, Izzydre, reacting to the rumors of the sign coming to Detroit. He first says that he could care less about the sign because there are far more important things to spend the money on and worry about. Izzydre and commenters on the video all expressed disdain for the roads and interstate conditions in Detroit and Izzydre even said he gives it less than a few weeks before it is tagged with graffiti.

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