The Detroit Lions haven't been the most successful of teams in the NFL. They have had a tough time making the playoffs not only before but also during the Super Bowl Era. Back in the 1950's the Detroit Lions made it to 3 NFL championships winning one in 1957, since then they have had trouble making it to the postseason as their last trip was in 2016.

This year, they did something that the Detroit Lions hadn't done since the early 90s. The Detroit Lions were the champions of the NFC North Division, something they hadn't achieved in exactly 30 years, with their last division title coming in 1993. Back then, they were playing in the Pontiac Superdome before having Ford Field built for them in Downtown Detroit in the year of 1999 and opened for the first game in August of 2002. In 2016 they made the playoffs but were on the road, this time, the Detroit Lions will be playing postseason football in front of its fans.

The Detroit Lions have been phenomenal this year as they started the season 5-1 before things started to get trickier for them. They were able to keep things together and afford themselves an opportunity to earn a playoff spot in week 16 when they faced off against the Minnesota Vikings. After coming out with a tough victory against the divisional foe, the Detroit Lions and fans began to celebrate as they realized playoff football would be happening in Detroit.

For the first time in many Detroit Lions fans lives and for as long as some people can remember there will be NFL playoff football in the Mitten State. The Detroit Lions will be hosting their first playoff game in Ford Field this Sunday at 8:00pm against the Los Angeles Rams. This game will be sold out and full energy as Matthew Stafford will be returning home and the Lions will be seeking to make more history.

These are the highest reported ticket prices of any NFL wildcard game of all time. The Detroit Lions are not used to being in this position and I believe that fans are not sure when they will be in this position again. This has created a space where fans are clamoring to make it to Ford Field no matter the cost. Would you pay these kinds of prices to see the Lions play in the playoffs?

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