If you drive a car, you can place getting gas alongside death and taxes as inevitable things in life. Granted the gas prices aren't always the same, every car is created differently, and gas mileage varies, everyone runs out of gas at some point. Most of us swipe our cards or go inside, then set the pump to flow automatically while we stand outside or sit in our cars. It's one of those times that many people let their guard down and are often distracted.

Once you peep the gas prices it's like everything else goes to left field because you're thinking about paying more than you should to drive places. Some people are in such a rush that they just pay, grab the pump, and go when they are finished, which could be dangerous for several reasons. There is now a new danger to look out for at Michigan gas stations which involves fruit being on the pump.

Getting gas is one of the few times that you are alone and the most vulnerable, which means it is one of the times that you should be the most engaged and aware of your surroundings. Seeing something out of place at a gas station could either save your life or put it in danger, it all depends on how you handle the situation.

If you see a bright red apple, a vibrant orange, or any other kind of fruit on top of a gas pump, stay away from it. Keep your head on a swivel and stay alert as this was placed there by a drug dealer. No, they aren't looking to harm anyone who touches the fruit but instead, it is a new tactic to discreetly make deals.

The above video explains the new idea in its fluidity but is also explained in plain text below. The dealer would be nearby watching the pump and waiting for someone to pick up one of the fruits. Once the fruit has been touched the dealer would make their way over to deliver the corresponding drug to that fruit.

So long story short, if you don't want drugs and want to keep living your normal life, don't touch fruit if you see it at a gas pump in Michigan.

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