The Bowl Season might be one of the most exciting times of the year as there are football games on almost all day every day and teams are looking to end their season on a positive note as they fight for one more win and a chance to hoist a trophy. Only two teams get a chance to compete for the national title but every bowl game has a trophy up for grabs, meaning these games are priceless.

Many of these student athletes understand that they may never make it to another bowl game again, their school may have never won a bowl game, this may be the first time their program has gone to this specific bowl game, and every other circumstance that may occur. The biggest thing to take in here is that some guys are wearing a football uniform for the last time. There is so much emotion wrapped into these games, so crazy things happen when there is so much passion.

This year, Eastern Michigan was one of 2 teams from Michigan to earn enough regular season wins to grant them a spot in a bowl game, the other was the University of Michigan who will be playing in the College Football Playoff. Eastern was on a mission to end the year as one of two teams in the state that was above .500 on the year as they were taking on South Alabama in the 68 Ventures Bowl.

The odds were already stacked against the Eagles from the very beginning as this bowl game would be played in the South Alabama Jaguars' home stadium. Also, South Alabama beat Oklahoma State and was toe-to-toe with Texas State and James Madison was poised to be an uphill battle. The Jaguars took care of business on the gridiron wiping the turf with the Eagles 59-10, but all of the real action happened after the game.

As you can see above, an Eastern Michigan University football player took a run from across the field and a struck a player from South Alabama. This is when chaos broke loose as there were players from the University of South Alabama and Eastern Michigan trading blows, kicks, and more as the brawl raged on. So far nothing has come from this just yet, but I do expect to see some kind of repercussions. There also hasn't been anything said about why it happened but it's still fresh.

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