A couple of months ago, rumblings of construction occurring in the old Burger King building on Cork Street near the roundabout at the Sprinkle Road intersection. The normal guesses and predictions of a Dollar General, Credit Union, or Dispensary were thrown out alongside hopeful ideas like a new food place, escape room, or some other place with entertainment value.

Well, now we have our answer on what has replaced the former burger joint. Luckily for those who dislike DG, credit unions, and dispensaries, none were chosen to yield the space. In addition to that, all of the hopeful ideas were skipped over and they placed something no one saw coming there instead.

Instead of any of the popular choices being placed in the outer skirts of the Milwood neighborhood, they have been blessed with an Enterprise Car Rental storefront. This, in my opinion, is an interesting choice to place here but it does make a lot of sense at the same time. This a prime location for many reasons but also seems to oversaturate the market.

With this location being placed right off the I-94 exit to Sprinkle Road, many people may choose this location to rent their car as they will be able to hop on the highway immediately and it's also an easy drop off when they return from their trip. The only thing that doesn't make sense is that there are already two other Enterprise locations in town, one on Stadium Drive and the other at the airport, just a few miles away from the new location.

Whether you like it or not, there are cars for rent in the Milwood neighborhood now. They are already open for business, as I caught of glimpse of someone inside renting a car as I rode past on my way home from work. We were all wrong about what was coming and we'll find out if it was a smart decision or not.

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