Of course, we all know the famous words any time we get in trouble at school or don't have the best grades "What are you doing? Why are you doing that? I didn't send you to school to do that. What did I send you to school for?" To which you reply, "To learn." as your choking on your own breath (or tears). Yes, we're at school to learn but so much more happens in a school day than just learning.

Outside of the everyday public world, school is the most diverse environment that one will be in. There are so many different kinds of people of varying lifestyles, interests, abilities, knowledge, and many more factors to consider influencing their development. Often times these differences lead to friendships but also to bullying and other altercations. Teachers and other faculty are there to intervene, but they shouldn't have to.

It's no doubt that Covid-19 has had a huge impact on children and their school days. Some children are just now getting into a real classroom for the first time and others are still adjusting. Then the other handful are realizing that things will never go back to the normal that they once had. This has undoubtably led to some behavioral and academic performance issues.

The lower income communities and schools seem to be the ones that are most affected by the changes. We continue to see footage from inside of these schools showing a number of altercations going on and the most recent one is ending with a young lady facing criminal charges.

Things would continue to escalate until the 15-year-old picks up the chair and sends it flying across the room. I would assume the teacher was not the intended target, but nonetheless, she took the chair full-force to the head and was knocked out almost immediately. She is currently released from the hospital and doing well according to Flint Community Schools.

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