Rap artists are always looking for ways to grow their brand and showcase their craft as they understand how saturated and competitive the market is. Most rappers start off making and selling their mixtapes, uploading music to free platforms like SoundCloud, or performing in underground venues. They are all chasing one thing, becoming a mainstream artist.

The first step to becoming mainstream as a rapper is talent, a few good singles, and great promotion, but after that is XXL. Being considered for the XXL Freshman class is an accomplishment of its own but being voted onto the list is the light at the end of the tunnel that begins the journey to stardom. Michigan artists are no strangers to this feat, this year another Michigan rapper made the list.

We are used to many Detroit rappers making a breakthrough on the scene and pushing their way onto the XXL List but this year proved they aren't the only city in Michigan that has talent in the rap game. Earlier this week the XXL list was released and Grand Rapids made its first appearance ever.

After having success in the music game with some help from TikTok and other platforms SleazyWorld Go, a rapper from Grand Rapids has seen some of his music BLOW up. After Sleazy Flow became a popular sound on TikTok, he began to receive a little more attention, then he dropped Step 1, which had a feature from Offset, and that sent him skyrocketing. SleazyWorld Go has made enough hits in the past couple of years to be voted onto the 2023 XXL Freshman list.

He later was able to capture a feature from Lil Baby on the Sleazy Flow Remix and that's what sent the Grand Rapids rapper on the path to being included in the mainstream rappers list. He has 5 studio albums that have been released since 2020 and don't look to be stopping anytime soon.

Have you listened to any SleazyWorld Go music yet? If not, here's some of his best hits!

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