Every year there are hundreds of new restaurants that are opening across the country but only a handful[ of them are successful in the long run. Thousands of people have dreams of being a chef or owning their own restaurant and hundreds of them get their shot each year, hoping that their hard work and cuisine are enough to win over the neighborhood.

Big cities make it even harder for restaurants to be successful as they are competing against well-known restaurants, local staples, and mom-and-pop shops which is only the first barrier. Often you have to find a way to balance the prices while not losing interest and maintaining the bills within the city. With all of that in mind, two restaurants in Illinois have managed to make the list of the best new restaurants in the entire country.

Esquire is known for bringing the country information on the biggest things in entertainment, lifestyle, shopping, and more. A feature in an Esquire edition or a mention in one of their publications can bring about boats of success. This time, they put out a list of the 50 best new restaurants in the US.

Illinois is no stranger to this list or any of the food lists as Chicago is often featured on food lists around the country regardless of the cuisine type. Chicago is like a melting pot as there are people from all over the world there, bringing their culture to America. Two more of the city's restaurants have broken through.

The Windy City has two more restaurants that are making waves within the business as they were ranked among the top 50 new restaurants in all of the United States. Both Warlord and Asador Bastian have impressed visitors over the last year and are expected to become a mainstay.

Asador Bastian is a steakhouse that is inside of 4 4-story townhouse in the city. Walking in, you may feel like you invading someone's personal space but that feeling is quickly dissolved as you are given amazing service. Asador follows the traditional Bastian vibes and specializes in older cows, whose meat is more complex and savory.

Warlord received its name because they are going to war every night as a kitchen staff. They often have injuries or people calling out but no matter the crew, they are going to war until 1 am every night. They invite you to come in and enjoy the ambiance as it is packed and rocking because you get to experience what it's like when fire meets meat.

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