60 days in has become one of the most shell-shocking, funny, but semi-realistic shows that the world has been graced with. The show, created by A&E, auditions everyday people and finds willing participants to enter the general public of a county jail and try to withstand 60 days on the inside. Many people have become fond of the show and find many episodes entertaining while others bond with the characters.

Either way, everyone there is not an actor as a majority of the inmates are criminals that are serving time for crimes that they committed in "real life" and the corrections officers and other faculty of the staff actually work those jobs and live in these cities. There have been plenty of wild moments on the show, but this Sheriff from Indiana has the most insane story after what happened in real life.

Sheriff Jamey Noel, who was a Sheriff at the Clark County Jail in Indiana, was on seasons 1 and 2 while the camera crews were in Clark County. Many remember him for the crazy things that were said and done during those two seasons on the camera, meaning he may be the reason they decided to choose another jail. Now, he will be remembered for the things he did both inside and outside of the jail that were against the law.

@crimetimeteatime Sheriff Jamey Noel from “60 Days In” has been arrested and charged with 15 felonies #crimetimeteatime #truecrime #headlines #headlinenews #60daysin #jameynoel #sheriffjameynoel #greenscreen ♬ original sound - crimetimeteatime

The TikTok video above from (@Crimetimeteatime) explains some of the dirt that he got himself into before, during, and after the A&E camera crews time spent in the Clark County Jail. He has been picked up and arrested on 15 felony charges that include things like corrupt business influence, official misconduct, ghost employment, and theft. He was basically doing all of the dirt that he was trying to catch his staff doing, ironic right?

Most of those seem like normal offenses that a dirty cop would try and get away with, making them self-explanatory, but there is one charge that rings bells. It's the ghost employment, which means he hired and paid an employee that doesn't exist. Now, this doesn't seem like a big deal except the employee's wages in question were being paid out to an account that Sheriff Noel had access to. He really thought he was going to be able to steal from them and they wouldn't find out.

The judge on the case didn't seem happy as the suggested bond of $25,000 was ignored and instead tripled to $75,000. In addition to the hefty bond, he was also ordered to remain in state and surrender his passport and weapons. He is still awaiting a court date and will have to go through sentencing, but it may be tough sledding for him.

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