Usually, when you think of Aldi, you think of groceries. Specifically, the lowest-priced groceries. But that's not entirely why people are rushing to the store this holiday season, even here in Michigan.

Sure, Aldi does sell some household goods and other non-food items. But they don't command a lot of attention, and odds are you don't see many people in the store with non-food items in their shopping cart except some cleaning supplies or dish soap.

But because Aldi has low prices on groceries, many people swear by the store, choosing to do the bulk of their grocery shopping there. When a store develops a reputation like that, it's sure to have its fans.

Personally, I like shopping at Aldi, but passionate wouldn't be a word to describe my feelings about the store. Anyone who is buying this exclusive holiday item, though, passionate may not be word enough to describe how they feel about the store.

This holiday season, Aldi is selling a trinket that pairs perfectly with the old peaceful town Christmas decoration. After all, wouldn't you want your peaceful little town to have its very own Aldi?


It's only $13 and it even lights up!

You can get your own here through Instacart or by heading to your local Aldi. It's listed as a hot item, so waiting to add this cozy food market to your holiday decorations isn't recommended.

Interested in more of what Aldi has to offer outside of groceries? There's an entire Facebook Group dedicated to what shoppers have found in the Aldi Finds aisle called the "Aisle of Shame".

Aldi Locations in Southwest Michigan

All of the Aldi locations are across the Southwest, west, and some of Central Michigan.

Gallery Credit: Canva/ Getty Images

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