It took three escapes from the Antrim County Animal Control Shelter, located in Bellaire, Michigan, for a stray dog named “Scout” to claim his forever home at the Meadow Brook nursing home. 

And it wasn’t an easy escape. According to an article in USA Today, in order to escape the security perimeter, "Scout" scaled a 10-foot-tall chain-link fence, then a 6-foot solid privacy fence, and crossed the heavily traveled M-88 highway to Meadow Brook Medical Care Facility, located just across the highway. And he did this great escape three days in a row. 

An Abused Dog With No History 

"Scout" is a bit of a mystery and has the signs of an abused past. The Detroit Free Press reports that the shelter staff were the ones to name him. He had no identity or history. They knew the signs of an abused dog and discovered that he had once been shot, feeling BBs or birdshot in his jowl. 

It was Jenni Martinek, a nurse at Meadow Brook Medical Care Facility, who found "Scout" curled up in a ball, sleeping on a couch in the lobby one morning. He had fled the animal shelter during the evening, entered the automatic doors of the nursing home, and wandered into the lobby unnoticed until the next morning. He was returned to the shelter, but not for long. "Scout" repeated the same routine for the next two days. It became apparent to the Meadow Brook staff that "Scout" was meant to stay. 

From Stray to Savior

A Michigan stray dog named "Scout".

Scout Has Made Himself At Home 

"Scout" was adopted by Meadow Brook and it didn’t take long for him to make himself at home. He has learned how to get into the resident’s rooms by jumping up and using his paw to pull down door handles. He also seems to know who needs his special attention, sensing who has dementia or is in their final hours in this lifetime. He will go to them and comfort them. "Scout" has been known to stay in a resident’s room in their final hours, not leaving until they passed. 

Both "Scout" and the residents of Meadow Brook now share less lonely moments. He has found a home where some of the folks carry dog biscuits in their walkers, and, in return, some of the folks feel the wet nose of "Scout", during the middle of the night, pressing against their faces to let them know he is there for them.

Watch A Short YouTube Video on "Scout"

Wyandotte Police Officer Suspected Of Stealing Food

A Wyandotte Police officer was suspected of stealing another officer’s lunch from the breakroom at the Wyandotte Police Department. It seems that Officer Barwig was eating lunch in the breakroom when he was called to assist with a person in the Wyandotte Police Department jail, quickly leaving the half-eaten lunch on the breakroom table.
A short time later, officer Barwig and another officer returned to the breakroom, finding his lunch had totally disappeared. Barwig says that upon entering the breakroom, Officer K9 "Ice" was, 
 “...leisurely strolling out of the breakroom, licking his chops.”
K9 Officer "Ice" received strong public support against the allegations. Some of the Facebook postings are included in the gallery.