Home buying is a tough stage to get to these days. Once you know you can take the steps to buy a house, a lot of research goes into deciding on the right house. That means prospective buyers are all over Google and the various home listing sites, such as Zillow, taking not of which properties catch their eye.

If you're already in the housing market, you're probably somewhat familiar already with how the real estate market works. Still, there are some little things you can do to help get your house sold quickly and for the price you're asking for.

One of the more advantageous tricks is knowing when to list your home or rental property for prospective buyers and renters to check it out.

According to a study from Storage.com, the best time of year to list your property is coming up very soon. Because online searches for for-sale and rental properties peak at roughly 13% more than average, the study concluded that March is the best time of year to list your property. These searches neared the 45 million mark in March, a strong tick higher than the monthly average of just under 40 million.

This could be due to potential buyers and renters landing a sizable tax return, changing to a higher-paying job, or being able to capitalize on a new raise at work. Regardless, the peak in interest means your home will be sold or filled with a renter faster than normal, saving you money and stress.

This is particularly the case here in Michigan. The same study looked at the top 10 states with the highest monthly search volume and determined that Michiganders are quite eager to move into a new place. In 2023, an average of 13,153 searches per month were made in Michigan alone, the fourth most of any state and roughly 15% higher than the average state.

If you can't list in March, July is the next best time as searches are 11% higher than the monthly average. August is just behind that with just a few hundred thousand fewer searches than July.

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