When Sterling Heights announced the erecting of their Golden Ring on Hall Rd., the community jumped on the opportunity to name it the now infamous "Golden B*tthole." It will now have a sister, as Muskegon has announced a very similar structure which is planned to be installed by September 2024. However, this will be a bit different, as it will be a "glowing" B*tthole.

In all seriousness, Muskegon announced the project PORTAL which artist Lee S. Brown says will be a spectacular monument to and for the city that represents community strength, resiliency, and unity:

The Muskegon City Public Art Initiative (MCPAI) announced today it is planning and developing its eighth project, this one destined to overlook the City of Muskegon’ Shoreline Drive. MCPAI was established in July 2018 to develop and oversee the commission of 10 monumental works of public art; the MCPAI is a project of the Community Foundation for Muskegon County. The PORTAL is being created by Muskegon artist Lee S. Brown. It will be a 45-foot circle of Corten steel, lit on the inner band from dusk to dawn, and installed in the beautiful and soft rolling hills between Shoreline Drive and the Shoreline Inn.



Differences Between The Glowing & The Golden B*tthole

There will be quite a few differences between the two. Whereas Muskegon's will be glowing, the Golden Ring is just golden in color. Also, Muskegon's design isn't a complete ring as the bottom of the ring shape goes into the ground, so it's more of a circular arch. But still, it's nice that it's getting a brother.

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