Everyone has instincts that naturally kick in during certain situations, it's the first thing they do in this situation every time because they can't control it. One of the most studied, discussed, and intriguing instincts is the fight or flight instinct that we all use when we are in a life-or-death situation.

That's the thing, there's no wrong answer when instincts are involved because you aren't in control of them, but everybody is judged based on how they respond instinctively in these situations. Some people instantly run in danger because they have a flight response while others want to take action against the danger using their fight response. Those with fight responses are often hailed for their courage and braveness in these situations.

One instance of those who spring into action being rewarded for their actions is the deliverance of the Carnegie Hero Award. This award is presented to several individuals who have risked serious injury or death in the name of saving others, since its inception in 1904 they have awarded 10,371 individuals with the coveted prize.

There is a Kalamazoo man that has been nominated and chosen as an award recipient in 2023. Earlier this year, Gerold Prather, a 23-year-old man didn't think twice when he was spending time at Lake Michigan Beach in Sawyer, Michigan when calls for help rang out He quickly jumped in as a 16-year-old boy was struggling to stay above water.

He was about 100 feet offshore, as Prather reached the boy they both submerged before they resurfaced and Prather was able to push him toward shore before putting him on his back. As Prather got tired he called for help and another man came to help them both to the beach.

Both Prather and the boy survived as the young man was taken to the hospital by first responders but unfortunately, two other young boys weren't as lucky and were recovered by public safety officials a few days later.

He will receive a Carnegie Medal and some form of monetary gift for his courage. The Carnegie Medal is North America's highest honor for civilian heroism. Anyone can be nominated by someone else for the Carnegie Hero Award by completing a nomination form online or sending a letter to the Carnegie Hero Fund.

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