All of us have become accustomed to the efficiency and convenience of ordering online and having packages delivered to our door. This has made buying Christmas gifts, birthday presents, household items, and everything else so much easier to purchase but just like anything else in the world there are pros and cons. It's hard to find out if something is legit sometimes or not and then you have to deal with people possibly stealing your packages.

Those who come onto other people's porches, front steps, stoops, or other parts of their property to take packages and other pieces of mail are awful people. Many people have started to call them porch pirates, synonymous with the real pirates, as they are out stealing things from other people like pirates do at sea. Many people have started to use ring doorbells, their neighbors, having packages placed on the back porch, and more to deter them away. That didn't work in this neighborhood, but these Kalamazoo cops were there to stop it.

The Winchell neighborhood is one of the wealthier neighborhoods within the Kalamazoo city and county limits, so the packages are always lined up along the porches. From Amazon and USPS to FedEx and UPS, there are thousands of packages delivered to Kalamazoo doorsteps, so porch pirates know when and where to strike.

The police have been notified of the antics and actions of porch pirates and they put many things in place to protect citizens from these thieves. Now, officers that are on patrol are often looking for porch pirates all times of the day all over the city. Unfortunately for this cop and his K9 buddy, they had to spring into action when they saw their porch pirates in the act.

As you can see in the video above, the cop and his K9 took off after the suspects once they came into contact with them. The suspects would take off running while scattering packages all over the neighborhood and trying to find somewhere to hide. They were eventually found hiding behind one of the neighborhood houses and arrested.

If you're worried about porch pirates, here are some tips to keep your packages safe:

Helpful Tips To Keep Packages Safe From Porch Pirates

In 2022, over 260 million packages were stolen by porch pirates. I knew the problem was bad but didn't realize how explosive this crime has gotten throughout the years.

Next time you order something, try these tips to help keep your packages safe from thieves like porch pirates.

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